Is ivermectin a steroid

Ivermectin is an anthelmintic drug that acts by incapacitating and killing the infection-causing parasites. The treatment is prescribed to treat infections caused by parasites such as head lice. Treating parasitic infections and infectious diseases with Ivermectin eases symptoms and improves the life quality of sufferers. Curing parasitic roundworms, in patients with weak immune systems, can… Continue reading Is ivermectin a steroid

What is ivermectin used for

Use of lvermectin medication is recommended for parasitic diseases. There are two different types of Ivermectin medicines. One type of Ivermectin is prescribed for humans in order to treat certain health conditions and another type is prescribed by veterinarians in order to treat certain conditions such as to prevent heartworm disease in animals. Things to… Continue reading What is ivermectin used for