Does Ivermectin Kill Tapeworms

Ivermectin is a prescription drug available as a veterinary medication and for humans. It is an anthelmintic drug that works by meddling with the muscle and nerve functions of disease-causing worms that paralyzes and kill them. Ivermectin is an antiparasitic medication that belongs to the avermectin class. It is a prototype for this class of… Continue reading Does Ivermectin Kill Tapeworms

Ivermectin Over The Counter

Ivermectin is considered a powerful anti-parasitic in the world. Antiparasitic medicine is a broad-spectrum, nematode-specific and chemically resistant drug. It is prescribed to treat certain parasitic infections and skin lesions. The World Health Organization (WHO) has placed Ivermectin in Category 5 organisms, the category reserved for organisms that may threaten human health. Ivermectin works quite… Continue reading Ivermectin Over The Counter